Metal Photo ®

Industry groups recognize Metalphoto® as the most durable asset and equipment labels available. , Metalphoto® is tested to 20 years outdoor UV exposure so, when longevity counts, Metalphoto® is the best process. Metalphoto® asset and equipment labels are also excellent in withstanding abrasion, solvents, chemicals, fuel, high temperature exposure (>400F, <1000F), salt spray, and seawater. As a result, you will find Metalphoto® asset and equipment labels on aircraft brakes, navy destroyers (military name plates), the International Space Station and more common everyday uses such as restaurant equipment, control panels and outdoor signs.

Metalphoto® is recognized by CSA, UL and Military Specifications Mil-P-15024F, Mil-P-514D, Mil-P-19834B, and Mil-A-8625E.