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Have some questions? We have answers.


1. What is your turn around time?

Depending on the type product you have ordered and the manufacturing process involved, typical production times range from 3-5 days. Lamacoid and label orders can be produced the same day if required.

2. What type of file do you require for artwork?

We have a strong pre-press team that can work with any type of file, but our preference is vector type files (EPS, PDF, DXF, AI, CDR) in order to create the best looking product for you. The sharper the image is, the better we can reproduce the desired design. If you do not have access to clean artwork, our in house graphic design team can assist you. They can recreate most raster files into more useable vector formats. Common raster file formats include TIF, PSD, PNG, GIF, JPG. If you are using uncommon fonts, please provide the font along with your artwork file.

3. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order is 1 and volume discounts are available.

4. How durable is laser engraving/marking?

Laser engraving is a permanent way to mark many different materials. Laser engraving will last as long as the substrate we are engraving. 

5. What kind of adhesives does Can West Legacy use?

We use 3M adhesives. Each 3M adhesive is specifically designed for certain applications. Depending on the environment your label, nameplate, lamacoid, tag or sign is going, we will recommend the appropriate adhesive for your needs.

6. Are your products UV stable?

Many of our products are suitable for outdoor applications. When ordering please specify this requirement.

7. What is a lamacoid?

A lamacoid is a general term used to describe 2-ply and 3-ply plastic engraved tags, legend plates, valve tags, etc. These are manufactured to your specifications and come in a wide range of colours and finishes. 

8. Can you match our corporate colours?

Yes, we use a pantone colour matching system, which gives us an accurate way to match your exact colour requirements for every job. If needed, a colour proof can be provided.

9. Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we have daily shipments throughout Canada and the United States. We have partnered with several carriers for discounted shipping rates. Our products cross international borders duty and tax-free.

10. Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we have a full installation team for both interior office signage and exterior building signage. We also have electricians and a full line of cranes and bucket trucks available.