6 Things to Consider When Looking for a Best In Class Signage Company

Quality Customer Service
Customer service is so important! If you are spending money with a company, you need to be confident they will get your job done right, and with the highest quality, and in the case that they don’t, that they do their due diligence to fix it and make it right! At Can West Legacy, providing the best customer service is secondary only to providing the highest quality product available!

Experienced Industry Leaders
Quality customer service is something that only comes with time and experience. It is important to know what experience your signage provider has, in relation to the products you are ordering. Most signage is an investment and you want to know the end result will be lasting. Can West Legacy has been built on a strong foundation that has slowly added to its repertoire over three generations. This long-standing history, combined with a progressive nature, allows Can West Legacy to say that they know the industry inside and out, and the products they provide are manufactured with excellence.

Fair Pricing & High Quality Products
The term “Buyer Beware” is a true statement. When it comes to pricing, everyone is looking for a deal, but does this come at the expense of good quality or product requirements? It is important to make sure the manufacturer will take time to understand its customers’ needs. Due to the wide variety of products available, the right questions need to be asked to make sure the final product provided is the expected result. Can West Legacy uses the best materials available, and makes sure that its customers are charged fairly for them.

Certified Products
New to an industry? Not everyone knows that there are regulations in place that make sure signage, in different fields, are certified to protect its end user. While you shouldn’t need to know the in-depth details around the certification process, you want to make sure that you are getting the products that have been tested to meet the high quality, and performance requirements, for your employees or consumers. See this link to understand more about Can West Legacy’s certified products.

Problem Solvers
Have you ever had the feeling that there must be another way? It is a hard pill to swallow when we are asked to conform, but all we want to do is stand out! When it comes to signage, this rule applies too. Given that there are so many products and methods available, it is important to know that you do have options and that you should explore these options. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer is capable, or prepared, to provide you with these choices or suggestions. Can West Legacy has their customers covered because they make a point of finding the right solution! They have diverse options, and realize signage is not a one solution fits all business. They work closely with their clients in order to understand what they want, and need, and use their experience to offer recommendations.

Efficiency & Rush Service
Sometimes planning in advance can be a hassle and a challenge. One concern for some customers, when ordering signage, is a short lead time. A lot of companies will charge extra to get the work done with a fast turnaround. Make sure you ask these questions upfront, otherwise you might be surprised by the final invoice. While quality should be the top priority, efficiency could be a close second.