Specialized Safety Signage for the Oil and Gas Industry

While our last blog post focused mainly on products specific to oil and gas equipment manufacturers, this post will focus on broader signage needs for oil and gas producers.


Safety signs communicate valuable information to workers and visitors at your work site. Our oil and gas signage clearly communicates risks, hazards, and policies that are in place for worker and visitor safety and security while on your premises.

Signs are critical visuals vital to communicating important safety information. Can West Legacy’s safety signs are bold and bright providing high visibility to critical messages. Where appropriate, our signage is compliant with overarching regulatory bodies, allowing you to be properly prepared for safety inspections.

While we have a selection of standard templates, all of our signs are made to our clients’ unique specifications. Can West signs are made using top-of-the-line 3M ®
materials using leading safety practices. Since the primary need for oil and gas signage involves long-term use, our materials and our printing quality are best-in-class to ensure the desired signage longevity, especially in outdoor settings. Can West Legacy signs don’t fade over time—a critical consideration, in particular for signage about safety. We make sure that your message(s) is delivered clearly and visibly for the long haul, ensuring the continued safety of your workers, materials and environment.

Our safety signage isn’t only specific to relaying safety messages. Clear identification of facility signs and labels are just as important to help employees (like your operators!) immediately recognize the correct pipe, wire, or valve to ensure a safe operation.


Keep your facility or field site safe with clear and visible signage. Choose from a variety of templates, colours and sizes to get the right safety messaging out to your audience.
Signs can be created to relay: Danger, Warnings, Caution, Notice, Safety First and more…


Our safety sign selection includes signage for: biohazard and hazardous materials, electrical safety, first aid, lockout tagout, machine and equipment, personal protection (PPE) and much more.