Can West Legacy: Signage Experts


This may seem like a pretty simple answer but, depending on your experiences, or the field you work in, the term “Signage” could be expressed and interpreted very differently. From a label or name tag, to street signs and billboards, all these so called “signs” serve one purpose; they utilize words, logos and/or symbols to identify or communicate a message to its viewer.

While signage is an easy concept to wrap your head around, what is not always as obvious is what signage is required by an industry or project. This is where Can West Legacy, as an expert in the industry, can help! With a wide variety of products offered, there are customized solutions that can be tailored to each client’s needs.


Some examples, of industries and locations, where custom signage can be useful are:

Oil & Gas
Oil field signage can include safety and cautionary signs that standout, and are made of high-quality products that can withstand the ever-changing Canadian weather. This can include products like pipeline and well site markers, as well as facility and transportation signs. It is important to note that some products in this category have certain code requirements, and regulatory expectations.

Exterior Building Signs
Commonly used for branding, and identification, exterior building signs typically involve company names and logos to inform people of their presence, and distinguish the type of business. Based on each customer’s unique needs, different materials, such as steel 3D lettering, banners, or illuminated plastic logos might be required.

Wayfinding refers to both interior, and exterior, signage used to provide directional information. This type of signage is very useful on, and off, site to help direct automobile and foot traffic, and it includes everything from a directional arrow, to a map, or a legend of businesses in a building, and their corresponding suite numbers. These types of signs are typically associated with hospitals, airports and office buildings to help people find their way around with ease and efficiency.

LED, Lobby, Reception Signs
LED, lobby, or reception signs make an impact. They provide a professional look and establish the company’s identity upon entrance. Not only do these signs create good visibility for businesses and help potential customers locate them with ease, but with LED lighting, this can continue into the evening for those companies that operate at night! If you are considering LED as an option, it is also important to note that these signs are typically lower maintenance and longer lasting than some of the other alternatives.

Construction Site Signage
When it comes to safety, signage plays an important role on construction sites. Similar to signage in the oil and gas field, there are stipulations around key features of these signs, including types of words used, font, colour and placement. The production materials, and methods used, can also ensure long term durability if required by the ensuing standards. These requirements are something the sign manufacturer should be aware of, and follow when providing these products.


Whatever type of signage it is that you need, you should make sure you speak to a qualified company that can find the right sign to fit your needs, and industry regulations.