At Can West Legacy, We Are CSA and UL-Label Certified

Did you know that some labels are regulated by Canada’s top standards’ associations, namely UL Standards and the CSA Group? In fact, the CSA Group governs mechanical and industrial equipment, which includes the labels that are affixed to this equipment. The labels can be used to provide instructions, specifications, serial numbers, or other types of safety or technical information. They are used in almost every manufacturing sector and across industries, including electrical, oil and gas, construction, military, transportation, and product manufacturing. A CSA or UL label affixed to a product indicates that the product has passed rigorous testing and is safe to use.

CSA and UL-approved labels are constructed using materials and processes that have been certified by either one, or both, of these regulatory bodies. At Can West Legacy, we are proud to make labels that are both CSA and UL-certified—a designation that is bestowed on a very limited number of label companies. Only CSA-certified label manufacturers can print labels that have the CSA mark (and UL-certified to have the UL-mark). Heavy fines and production delays can be incurred by companies that are not certified but choose to print these labels without proper authorization or approvals.
To become CSA and UL certified, Can West Legacy products had to undergo careful inspection. The regulators also conducted extensive testing to ensure our labels won’t fade over time and adhere properly to the products or surfaces for which they are intended. These are real concerns, especially when dealing with safety labels that if improperly affixed, or not readily visible, could result in harm or damage to people, property and equipment.


CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to safety, social good, and sustainability, and a leader in safety and environmental certification around the world including Canada, the U.S, Europe, and Asia.


UL has been developing standards for over 100 years. In 2013, UL was accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a nationally recognized Standards Development Organization (SDO) to develop National Standards of Canada (NSCs). UL develops joint Canada-US standards using a streamlined process that involves a single consensus body administered by a single SDO accredited by the SCC in Canada and ANSI in the US.