Can West Legacy: Signage Experts

WHAT IS SIGNAGE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? This may seem like a pretty simple answer but, depending on your experiences, or the field you work in, the term “Signage” could be expressed and interpreted very differently. From a label or name tag, to street signs and billboards, all these so called “signs” serve one purpose; they utilize words, … Read more

At Can West Legacy, We Are CSA and UL-Label Certified

Did you know that some labels are regulated by Canada’s top standards’ associations, namely UL Standards and the CSA Group? In fact, the CSA Group governs mechanical and industrial equipment, which includes the labels that are affixed to this equipment. The labels can be used to provide instructions, specifications, serial numbers, or other types of … Read more

Braille Signage

While standard signage is an important visual cue for the majority of individuals, for blind or low-vision individuals, cues have to come in other forms. Our Braille signage products, using raised dots overlaid on signs, are a great way to include the visually impaired demographic. Braille is a system of touch reading and writing for … Read more

The Benefits of LED Signs

Have you been contemplating LED (Light Emitting Diode) signage for your commercial space or business? Are you debating between LED or neon/fluorescent signage but don’t know which to choose? While LED and neon signs are fairly comparable in price, your ultimate decision will likely come down to other factors.   Let our quick benefits of … Read more

Do Your Labels Need To Be CSA & UL Certified?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE CSA AND UL CERTIFIED LABELS? Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International are the leading service providers for product certification and testing. They define the international and national standards specific to different industries. UL and CSA International also do the required testing for labels, to certify whether … Read more

Oil and Gas Services

Despite its softness in recent months, the oil and gas market remains a critical one for Calgary and for our province. Over the years, Can West Legacy has prided itself on serving numerous oil and gas clients; so much so, that we’ve even tailored our product lines to serve their varying needs. Our advanced industrial … Read more